earth rays


Strategic Execution

Rationalize infrastructure at larger scale, shared across service providers to lower unit costs (eg. lower capex per end user – results in more affordable service pricing).

Deploy infrastructure clusters cross—border to share capital costs between operations (eg. OFC, DC’s, NMC’s and core central systems and platforms).

Gain superior asset utilization and therefore return on capital (eg. infrastructure management across multiple time zones, geographies and spread of peak loads).

Target capital spend with expert management resourcing to deliver better efficiencies (eg. allow service providers to use the mix and timing of systems closely matched to their real-time need and be able to handle episodic demand overflow).

Granular control of specific capital cycles for different infrastructure asset classes, and the associated capex intensity (eg. full utilization of service life, better management of EOS and EOL, redundancies, performance upgrades and generational transformations such as 4G to 5G).

Deliver clear social impact across core ESG metrics by empowering large numbers of individuals with improved economic opportunity through improved telecommunications connectivity and lower cost, higher quality access to the internet, mobile financial services and digital content. Digital and financial inclusion through smartphone financing and mobile financial services offerings.